The research for Ghosts of Levissi is extensive.  Principal photography began in Turkey in June of 2015 and will continue in Australia and Greece during 2016.  In total the production involves filming on four continents.  Post-production, including extensive animation, will be completed in 2017.  Ghosts of Levissi has received a production grant from the Savannah College of Art and Design, but is otherwise entirely independently funded.  The driving force behind this film is its director, Joerg Schodl, who is recording the history of Levissi for future generations, and hopes to help preserve what remains of Levissi.  If you would like to support the production of Ghosts of Levissi monetarily, please do so at:

Descendants of families from Levissi and nearby Makri are volunteering to tell their family history.  This documentary will ensure that this history will never be forgotten and their memories will hopefully help to rectify history that has, over the years, become diluted to serve political agendas.  Production is still ongoing! If you have a story to tell, have photographs, or any documents pertaining to Levissi and Makri , please go to the contact page.

Thank You!